Residential Energy Audits

ECAD for Residential Homes

Information for Home Sellers, Buyers, and Real Estate Professionals

The Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance, as described in the Austin City Code Chapter 6-7, requires that before the sale of their home, owners of a residential building must disclose a home energy audit if all of the following conditions apply to the property:
• Within the Austin Energy service area
• Within the Austin city limits
• 10 years or older
The ECAD ordinance simply indicates who is responsible for obtaining the energy audit. ECAD does not require that you make improvements.
Homeowners can also proceed with an ECAD audit at any time prior to putting a house on the market.

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Energy Audits Reveal Improvement Opportunities

ECAD requires that you work with a certified ECAD Energy Professional to conduct an energy audit of any residential property you want to sell and disclose your home’s energy efficiency as part of the real estate transaction. This audit covers:
• Air conditioning and heating system efficiency
• Air infiltration, duct performance, air sealing in plumbing, and weatherstripping
• Windows
• Attic insulation
Homeowners can use ECAD audit results to make energy efficiency improvements that increase property marketability in a competitive real estate market. ECAD audit results can also serve as an effective tool for advertising existing energy efficiency measures.

Make Sure Your Property is Covered under Residential ECAD

ECAD defines residential properties as:
• Single family homes (including townhomes and condominiums)
• Duplexes
• Triplexes
• Fourplexes
If you need to schedule and ECAD Audit you can schedule online or call us at 512-565-2700.



See if You Qualify for an ECAD Exemption

As a home seller, you may be exempt from ECAD disclosure requirements if you meet one or more of the following conditions:

General Exemptions
• Your home is outside of the Austin city limits.
• Your property does not receive electric service from Austin Energy.
• Your home is less than 10 years old at the time of sale.

Energy Efficiency Improvements through Austin Energy Programs
You have made qualifying energy efficiency improvements through the following Austin Energy programs within the last 10 years:
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, a whole-home energy efficiency program
Rebates and Incentives, through which you made three or more energy efficiency improvements or received a minimum of $500 in residential energy efficiency upgrade rebates (excludes Austin Water conservation, Austin Resource Recovery, solar installation, and other City of Austin rebates)
Weatherization Assistance (available only for customers with low-to-moderate incomes)
To obtain documentation of improvements made to your home through these programs, or to get your ECAD status, call 512-482-5346.
You can also search the City of Austin Single Family Portal – ECAD ( to see if your home is exempt.

Manufactured Homes
• You have a manufactured home built on a permanent chassis and designed for use without a permanent foundation.
If you have any questions about exemptions please contact us at 512-565-2700 or