EXEMPTIONS - if you meet any one of these conditions, you MAY be exempt from the ECAD Ordinance*:

1) Manufactured home with no permanent foundation.

2) Received a Home Performance or Energy Star rebate or loan - either in excess of $500 or had three or more measures installed - within the last 10 years.

3) Received free energy weatherization services within last 10 years or buyer has been officially notified of approval for "Free Home Improvements" through Austin Energy. Additionally, home value must be below threshold value of $150,000 (excluding land), and buyer's household income must meet 80% of Median Family Income.

4) Home with title transfers falling under the following circumstances: court order, probate proceedings, foreclosure, default to spouse or relative, testamentary transfer (but not sold by an independent executor of an estate).

*  The above conditions are only a guideline for the City of Austin ECAD Ordinance. Please visit the Austin Energy website if need further guidance on whether your home needs an ECAD audit

AES - Exemptions